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Hail to Thee, mighty listener!
Here's The Buddhist Sons' music!

Down here, You can hear each and every song from our first cd 'Blow Jobs'.
Feel free to listen and make it listen, especially if you have friends in the production bizness... 
If the site doesn't seem to display well (probably because of your ancient browser ), here's an old version that might do (it even includes a Flash player...)

Thanks for listening!

Should the Soundcloud player not work, try the one at ZIKINF, it works perfectly even on old browsers.

Note for Music lovers: the Souncloud ver­sions were mastered when "loudness war" was still raging... There's a remastering under way but in the meantime, you'll find intermediate versions hereafter, with 3dB more headroom.

If you want to download the songs, ask us through the Contact form, you'll be given a link to download the cd in high quality and a printable cd cover.
Note that it took about 5 years of hard work to make this cd, so you'll probably want to cheer us and donate something via Paypal and the mighty "Donate" button!

Just a word about our cover art: in case you're deprived of any sense of humour, no it's not an ad for the KKK! It's meant to be counterpointed by the cd's title 'Blow Jobs' suggesting it's all a load of bollocks (conservatism, religions, playing politics, white power and the like) — which becomes even clearer when you read the lyrics. It has been inspired by an old project of late hoaxman Alan Abel with his kind permission (and somehow by Neil Young's Journey Through the Past).
Now, Play!

Remastering 2013

Just like any other "loudness war" casualties, our 2007 versions were overlimited. But while we were aiming for more dynamics, we soon discovered that going over 3dB more headroom would also modify the balance, lowering the reverbs and changing the snare drum's sound.
Here are the 2013 "fast remastered" versions (uploaded to Bandcamp in a lossless format (FLAC), rather than the mp3 of Soundcloud).
Soon to be replaced by a true remastering!

Thanks for listening!

Latest news

March 2018
New website 3.0

Finally we made it! A totally "responsive" website that displays perfectly well on any device!
This too took time: a few other templates have been tried and they never were really satisfactory. In fact, one version was quite ready when we found this one, more fluid and resolving quite all the remaining issues, so let's go!

March 2018
Remastering 2018

It's quite there! 2018 should eventually see the release of the CD with a stunning sound! Expect to ear at least 5 dB more headroom (meaning a clearer and more dynamic mix).
Actually, it will rather be a "rem(ix)astering" because it was inevitable to dig into the mix to revive the colors of each track... Some stereo enhancements were made (mainly on guitars), a bit of cleaning here and there, but we're trying to be as close as possible to the original mix, while magnifying it — and that's harder to achieve than making a different mix!

Years of Glory

Christian Parent gathered his one-man-band in 2004 in central Italy. Surprisingly, what was initially a bunch of tracks recorded to find musicians had such nice greetings from pro­fessionals that it started spreading: transmissions on Italian radio RAI uno (2005 - 2007), a contract for web distribution (see below a few screen cap­tures of that era), Oricola Joe stayed for one year on Lagrosseradio's playlist, etc.

2008: Coming back home after unsuccessful members recruitment in Italy, the band was soon built and played a few gigs in the north of France. We had good reviews, such as French rock magazine Les Inrocks writing: "Haunting rock songs with guitars bathed in reverb waltzing with keyboards, in the shape of incan­tations that Madrugada wouldn't deny."
But we had a hard time finding the right bassist, and when we did... the drummer disappeared! And our web distributor turned out to be a crook and kept all the money, if there was any.

2009-present: Couldn't imagine it was so hard to find serious musicians! There have been a lot of trials with various formulas (even a jazzy acoustic version!) but none of those musicians stayed for long.
Anyway, the spirit of the band is still hanging around and materializes again from time to time.


Social stuff

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