Years of Glory

Christian Parent gathered his one-man-band in 2004 in central Italy. Surprisingly, what was initially a bunch of tracks recorded to find musicians had such nice greetings from professionals that it started spreading: transmissions on Italian radio RAI uno (2005 - 2007), a contract for web distribution (see a few screen captures of that era), Oricola Joe stayed for one year on Lagrosseradio's playlist, etc.

2008: Coming back home after unsuccessful members recruitment in Italy, the band was soon built and played a few gigs in the north of France, but we had a hard time finding the right bassist, and when we did... the drummer disappeared! Our web distributor turned out to be a crook and kept all the money if there was any...

2009-present: Couldn't imagine it was so hard to find serious musicians! There have been a lot of trials with various formulas (even a jazzy acoustic version!) but none of those musicians stayed for long.
Anyway,the spirit of the band is still hanging around and materializes again from time to time. ;-)